This will CHANGE

your life.

  • No BS
  • No false claim
  • Just the facts




of hours of breathwork


Life changing technique

The world around you is in trouble…

Stress, anxiety and depression up by 70%

Antidepressants up by 400%

So many people suffering in silence

I bet you know some of those people…

Perhaps you ARE one of those people…

We live in massively uncertain times

Which means ...

you need to take a massively different course of action

What they’re doing IS NOT WORKING


✖️ Medication

✖️ The next online workshop…

I know - because I was one of those people too.

What if I could show you a way to

✔️ Shed the bullshit you struggle with

✔️ Heal trauma swiftly (without needing to talk about it)

✔️ Reconnect you to your joy, your happiness and your inspiration

And all you need is a mat and a good pair of headphones?

Would you do it?

Would you seize the chance to clean out your bullshit, open your heart and finally set yourself free from your conditioning?

I f*cking hope so.

Cos that’s exactly why I’m here, and this is what I do:

9D Breathwork

The most powerful version of the most effective transformational practice on the planet.

It works

It heals lives

It will change yours for the better.

I’ve seen 9D Breathwork change the lives of 1000s of people on this planet

...which is why I’m so mf PASSIONATE about sharing this.

Fair warning (ugh...)

It will shake you up, it will tear you down, and it will put you together in the Best F*cking Way Possible

It’s not for the faint-hearted but I tell you what: the world will not tolerate the faint of heart any more.

The world needs people who have shifted their shit, who have done the work and who are ready to lead from their heart.

9D Breathwork is the fastest path to this kind of transformation.

And it’s right here if you want it:

What is 9D Breathwork?

you need to take a massively different course of action

Breathwork is the #1 trending modality in a $4.5 trillion dollar wellness industry.


Because it works.

But there’s more to what I do than just breathwork.

I’ve been guiding people for over 15 years to create the life they want to live.

Now I’ve taken everything I know and crafted it into one powerful process: 9D Breathwork.

The 9D Breathwork Experience

9D Sound

Moves your mind to create depth, movement and space using next level audio tech

Binaural Beats

The swiftest way to enter theta brainwave states where real change occurs


A Somatic healing approach crafted from 10 years of study and practise

Hypnotic Language

Subtly reprogram all your limiting beliefs and doubts to finally end self sabotage

432 Hz frequency

A mesmerizing musical soundtrack tuned to the natural harmonics of the Universe

Insight & Inspiration

Motivation, meditation and mastery to take your life exactly where you want it to be

"'s like Breathwork on Steroids"

Don’t take it from me.

Here’s what others are saying:

If you want to let go of the past.

If you’re done with self sabotage, anxiety or depression

If you know it’s time to change your life

This is the tool

Here is the support

This is the place

And Now is the time.

Strap yourself in and get ready for 9D Breathwork

How does it work?

It’s more simple than you think.

  • All you need is 90 minutes.
  • A pair of headphones
  • A place to lie down and breathe.

Everything else we’ll do together…

I’ll guide you to feel safe in your body.

Release expectations, fear or doubt

And feel comfortable and curious.

Then I’ll teach you the technique.

Don’t worry, if you can breathe, you can literally do 9D breathwork

And at this point, now comfortable, you’re confident and you’re curious

The 9D Breathwork journey begins…

Here’s what you get

when you sign up:

Lifetime access to the 9D Breathwork journey

👉 Use it every week for the rest of your life - for FREE

Access to the Master Your Breath Workshop

👉 Optimize your everyday breathing for maximum health & vitality

Massive discount to the 9D Breathwork Community

👉 Join a supportive group of like-minded souls - you are not meant to be alone in this journey

👉 Insights, inspirations and downloads as I share the latest with you

👉 A new breathwork every month

👉 Group breathwork sessions - experience the power of collective breathwork

Information about the BreathMasters Certification Program (membership by invitation only)

BONUS: Master Your Breath Workshop

And the BEST PART?

The 9D Breathwork only costs $49 $39 (for a limited time)

My purpose is to help you transform.

It’s what I’m good at, and it’s what I’m here to do.

9D Breathwork is the easiest and most powerful way I can support you - wherever you are in the world.

If you take this first step for yourself, everything else becomes easier.

Together we can create the life you want to live

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